Part 3 - So you want to get started with Hyper-V? Start here!

Setting up a Virtual Machine Network

I’ve already created one screencast to talk about setting up a Virtual Machine on Hyper-V here, so I’m going to spend this session on Hyper-V networking.  There have been a lot of questions around the networking in Hyper-V and I’m going to talk time to walk through the Internal and Private networks, their configuration, and why you would use one over the other.  

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Here’s some additional information on the Hyper-V networking and hardware considerations for networking.

Configuring Virtual Networks

Hardware Considerations (under Networking)

Each VM can have up to 12 NICs assigned to it.  Think that’s enough?

This session is one part of a whole series of screen casts around Hyper-V, you can go this link to access the whole series.

So you want to get started with Hyper-V? Start here! – In Summary

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