Fry's eXPerience

I apologize for the non-.NET post, but it's about Fry's... a geek's heaven.

Today I decided to see what all this fuss about Fry's is. I've heard and read many things about Fry's Electronics stores from countless people. To me, being a displaced New Yorker (and still a New Yorker in spirit) I felt that this Fry's thing was a bit over exaggerated and more of a West Coast “thing”. So, I figured that I should see first hand what Fry's is all about.

Let me prelude this post by saying that since I'm from New York, we like BIG things. Tall buildings, crowds... everything big! At least that's how I feel. Also, let me add this that the largest store on Long Island that I've been too must have been either of the few Costcos around Smithtown or Best Buy. So, fairly large stores, but I'm in for a surpirse...

Low and behold I get off I-405 and nearly immediately I saw the Fry's store. Mind you, this store is located in Renton next to one of the Boeing plants. So, there's alot of large buildings around. First impressions... Fry's fit in perfectly there! The store is massive. And the parking lot is even more massive. After quickly finding parking and walking to the entrance of the store, I entered into the store. My eyes lit up as if I was a kid walking into a candy shop. Man, this store was MASSIVE!!! I immediately thought to myself, this is like 2 or 3 Best Buys all in one huge store. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating here. There were tons and tons of people, and hundreds of employees suited up in their suits. I slowly made my way through the store and found that there is in fact a TON of stuff there. Motherboard, electronics components, computer components, stereos, TVs, books, games, DVDs, appliances, phones, office supplies, music... pretty much everything imaginable was there. Simply put, the store is INSANE and TOTALLY AWESOME!

They had some rpetty good deals there... I got the Godfather DVD box set for $30 (normally $60; and ~$60 on the web), an iron for $3 (one of the hundreds of sale items), and some cables. They ran out of the Component Video HDTV XBOX cable pack I was looking for, so I had to head over to Best Buy afterwards anyway, but still, it was an amazing experience. Heck, I may head over there tomorrow again just to see what other things I may “need”. :)

Oh and I forgot to mention, yes there's a restaurant in the middle of the store too, so if you get hungry while shopping you can eat.

Overall, YES Fry's lives up to everything that I've heard from those countless other people. Thank you!!!

UPDATE: I found this map of the Fry's in Renton (which is given to you when you enter the store).