Test Case Management

If you have both Team Data and Test Test (or simply Team Suite), you’ll be able to take advantage of the Test Manager Tool Window and test lists. This provides more sophisticated test case management capabilities.


The most useful aspect of this is the ability to create test lists. You can easily group all tests associated with whatever database objects you are working on into a test list and then repeatedly execute that test list. You can organize test lists in a variety of ways. It could be by database object, by object owner, etc. This makes it very easy to run the relevant set of tests.


This is also very useful for creating a check-in test suite. Simply add the tests that you wish users to execute prior to any code check-ins to a test list. Then you can setup a Testing Check-in Policy to enforce that the test list is run prior to all checkins. For more info on this, check out this previous post.


Check out this MSDN article to show you just how to create a test list.


Sachin Rekhi