Portofolio - Project Server gateway Error "Authentication data undefined for specified Project Server and current user"


Technologies involved

Project Server 2007 (SP1, Infrastructure Update)

Portfolio Server 2007

MOSS(SP1, Infrastructure Update)



Kept getting "Authentication data undefined for specified Project Server and current user" message when trying to Synchronize Resource Pools within Portfolio Server 2007




This is usually due to listed below 3 causes

Potential Cause


User attempting to use the gateway has not set Preferences on their client machine

  1. Log into Portfolio Server
  2. Under “Builder”, click “Preferences”.
  3. Click “Project Server” under “Microsoft Project Preferences”.
  4. Click to choose the proper Server Name, and click “Edit”.
  5. Perform the proper changes, and click “Update”. (If Windows Integrated Authentication is used, do not need to change anything.)

The Shared Service Provider has not been configured to share between farms (if Project Server and Portfolio Server are on different machines)

1.Configure SharePoint to allow the gateway to work correctly

  1. Launch the SharePoint Central Administration site on your Project Server machine and click on Shared Services Administration
  2. Click to the right of the SSP name and select Edit Properties

Note: If you have more than 1 SSP, make sure you select the SSP that is hosting your Project Server site (should be the same SSP name as what was defined in the Web Service URL)

  1. In the Edit Shared Serviced Provider page, scroll to the bottom of the page to the section: Process Accounts with access to this SSP and specify a windows account that has administrative access to both Project Server as well as SharePoint. E.g. domain\username.
  2. Determine the Identity for the Application Pool that the web site for Portfolio server is using. If it is the Network Service then grant access to the "NT AUTHORITY\network service" for the Shared Service.
  3. Click the Check Names icon to ensure that the account specified is valid and click OK
  4. Next click on the Application Management tab and select Grant or configure shared services between farms
  5. Select the option, “This farm will provide shared services to other farms”
  6. In the Provide Shared Services section, specify the machine account in the form of Domain\MachineName$
  7. Tip: If PPS, SharePoint and ProjectServer are all installed on a single server and is in a workgroup environment, specify the network service account in the form of: "NT AUTHORITY\network service"
  8. Click the Check Names icon and verify that the name is valid and click OK.
  9. On your client machine close out all the IE windows and on the server where PPS 2007 is installed, click on Start | Run and type IISReset

Ensure URLs configured for the gateway is correct

  1. Check for the correct Project Server Web Service URL. It should look something like this:



    The port you have to specify here is by default: 56737, but if you changed the PSVR install, you can find it following these steps:

    1. Start IIS manager

    2. expand Web Sites

    3. right click on Office Server Web Services - select Properties

    4. look in TCP port. You will use this in the link mentioned above.


    The Shared Services Provider name will be the one you can see it under Office Server Web Services and the one that hosts the PSI folder


  2. Check the PWA URL - Note: for integrated or forms PS authentication.(http://<PS machine name>[:<port number>]/<PWA Instance>). To check make sure you can browse to the URL used for PWA.