2017 Year in Review - Blog Stats

Sam Lester’s 2017 Blog Year in Review

2017 was an exciting year for me as I continued to work extensively with Power BI and share my solutions, work with the Microsoft product development team to get several customer bugs fixed in our products and completed the MPP in Big Data. Along the way, I shared a lot of this information through my blog and recently looked back through my blog metrics for the previous year. Here are some fun stats:

·         30 new blog posts published
·         201,933 page views
·         108,897 visitors from 192 countries
·         105 comments posted
·         The top 5 visiting countries are United States (32%), United Kingdom (8.7%), India (8.5%), Germany (5.9%), and Canada (3.7%)
·         The top 5 visiting cities are London (3%), Bengaluru (2%), Hyderabad (1.4%), Sydney (1.3%), and New York (1.2%)
·         13,027 words written

The top 5 articles published in 2017 were:

1.       IP Address Mapping in Power BI
2.       Calculating the difference between two dates in YEARS, MONTHS, and DAYS in Power BI or Excel
3.       Sorting by Month Names in Power BI
4.       Power BI Terms and Definitions
5.       Comparing Table Styles in Power BI

The top 10 articles by page views in 2017 were:

1.       Power BI and SSRS 2016 in an On-Premises Environment
2.       So long AdventureWorks, we’ll miss you! (And hello Wide World Importers!)
3.       Power BI – 12 Days of Dashboards
4.       My Experience Completing the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science
5.       Finding the Correct Version of the AdventureWorks SQL Server Sample Database
6.       IP Address Mapping in Power BI
7.       EOMONTH() Equivalent in SQL Server 2008 R2 and below
8.       Calculating the difference between two dates in YEARS, MONTHS, and DAYS in Power BI or Excel
9.       Sorting by Month Names in Power BI
10.   TSQL – Solve it YOUR Way – Finding a Person’s Current Age Based on Birth Date

Lifetime Blogging Milestones:

Sam Lester MSDN Blog Metrics 

I started blogging on MSDN in 2012 when I was a member of the SQL Server product team. After joining Microsoft Premier Support in 2013, I spent a few years ramping up on customer sites and learning the Premier industry for the next couple years. Since 2015, I have been actively blogging as much as I can (given my current schedule) and look forward to continuing to create content in a learning environment throughout 2018 and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on these articles and shared them over social media.

Sam Lester (MSFT)