Creating Complex Test Databases - Request for Ideas

Over the past week, I've written a few entries regarding complex databases with interesting characteristics for testing purposes. 


I selected these first topics loosely on the fact that I was going through the exercise of creating these specific databases for testing purposes as part of my "real" job.  Now I would like to turn the question to everyone else to drum up some more interesting ideas.


Are there any complex/interesting databases that you'd like to see highlighted in a blog entry?  


A few thoughts come to mind surrounding:

  • Complex relationships of PK/FKs, including composite keys
  • Interesting user/login/schema relationships
  • Using column sets to exceed the 1,024 column limit in tables
  • Sql_variant data of all supported types  (Ex:  Sql_Variant data type can store data in the form of 23 other system data types.  If your application contains any sql_variant columns, testing that the app works with data of all supported types is a good practice.)
  • Exploring UDTs and UDDTs
  • Spatial types and data
  • Circular object dependencies
  • Stored procedures / Functions that refer to objects that no longer exist

I will eventually compile all of the scripts and documentation from this blog series to publish in the MSDN Code Gallery as a download.  Leave me a comment with any ideas that you would like to see included in the sample code.

Hope you enjoy,
Sam Lester (MSFT)