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Other than shipping Sandcastle and help content for VS products my team has been involved with the release of MSDN Wiki. Tomorrow (December 7, 2007) marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of MSDNWiki. We have approximately 4000 worldwide developers worldwide sharing their knowledge in 9 different languages over the past year. We invite you to join them and contribute code and content in a wiki environment alongside the MSDN online documentation. Are you ready to contribute? Here are some high level statistics about this project:

Hot Blocks (Most active in the past week)

FindMimeFromData Function () -- See Also: (4 edits)

Visual Studio -- test (3 edits)

DataRow.SetModified Method (System.Data) -- test (3 edits)

Using C++ Interop (Implicit PInvoke) -- The new marshaling classes make marshaling between managed type and native types much easier. (3 edits)

Custom Action Type 1 (Windows) -- Constants are defined in msidefs.h from the Windows Platform SDK's Include directory (3 edits)

SPListItem.CopyTo Method (Microsoft.SharePoint) -- Other possible exceptions (3 edits)

How to: Create a Custom Extraction Rule -- If the Visual Studio UI does not recognize the existence of your Custom Extraction Rule (3 edits)

WorkflowRuntime.GetWorkflow Method (System.Workflow.Runtime) -- WorkflowInstance Not Found (3 edits)

Drag and Drop an Object on a Canvas -- broken link (2 edits)

LoadImage Function () -- Return type (2 edits)

Most Active Blocks (Overall)

UriComponents Enumeration (System) -- Example (33 edits)

Abstract types should not have constructors -- Example (25 edits)

Move pinvokes to native methods class -- How to Fix Violations (20 edits)

Use properties where appropriate -- Controlling property expansion in the debugger (19 edits)

RegistrationServices.TypeRepresentsComType Method (System.Runtime.InteropServices) -- Related APIs (19 edits)

Dynamic-Link Libraries (Windows) -- C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll (17 edits)

Override equals on overloading operator equals -- Example using a class (16 edits)

Assemblies should have valid strong names -- How to quickly sign your assembly. (15 edits)

Welcome to the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK -- Additional Resources (15 edits)

Visual Studio -- Visual Studio and the unified IDE (14 edits)

Hot Topics (Most active in the past week)

Creating an Application Page in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (3 blocks)

Search Provider Extensibility in Internet Explorer 7 (3 blocks)

Visual C# Documentation Roadmap (2 blocks)

Creating Search Queries Programmatically by Using the Search Web Service in SharePoint Server 2007 (2 blocks)

Progress Bar Controls (2 blocks)

How to: Create a Default Registry Value in Registry Editor (2 blocks)

SPWeb.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser Method (Microsoft.SharePoint) (2 blocks)

Visual Studio (2 blocks)

Removing Zombie Orchestration Instances (2 blocks)

Best Practices (2 blocks)

Most Active Topics (Overall)

Introducing Visual Studio (25 blocks)

Walkthrough: Creating a Basic SharePoint Web Part (17 blocks)

Walkthrough: Creating a Basic Web Part (12 blocks)

How to: Create a Minimal Master Page (10 blocks)

Dynamic-Link Libraries (Windows) (10 blocks)

How to: Create a Web Application in a SharePoint Web Site (10 blocks)

Microsoft Robotics Studio Community Wiki (10 blocks)

Template Parameters (9 blocks)

Use preferred terms (9 blocks)

Visual Studio (9 blocks)

Cummulative Totals2/22/2006 to 12/6/2007

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