Announcing September 2007 Sandcastle Release

I am excited to announce the availability of September 2007 version for Sandcastle. The latest version is now available for download at My sincere thanks to the Sandcastle user community for providing us with valuable feedback.

What's new in this version:

  1. CHMBuilder for CHM generation using Sandcastle. Please see
  2. New Hybrid design (Presentation changes to VS2005 transforms). Please see
  3. Windows PowerShell script for documenting APIs using Sandcastle. Please see
  4. VersionBuilder tool to provide support for documenting multiple versions of a project. I will post a blog on this shortly.
  5. DBCSFix for CHM localization – Please see
  6. Reduced installer size: This version has a 1.5 MB installer. We accomplished this by not shipping Framework reflection data. Framework reflection data is now generated during the first run of the test project
  7. 5 Star MSDN style Feedback Control

Changes in this version:

  1. Data\Reflection is not installed by the msi. It’s now generated when a use runs the test project (using msproject or batch or powershell). This will take about 4 minutes to generate the files.
  2. CHM will be generated in a CMH folder instead of the Output folder.

Getting Started:

1. Using the command line option for the batch file under Examples/Sandcastle folder to build VS2005 or hana or prototype style CHM or HxS file

1. Build_sandcatle.bat vs2005 test

2. Build_sandcatle.bat prototype test

3. Build_sandcatle.bat hana test

If you need to generate hxs, please uncomment the following line in build_sandcastle.bat. Make sure "Microsoft Help 2.0 SDK" is installed on your machine.

::hxcomp.exe -p output\test.hxc

2. Using msbuild to generate build for VS2005 or hana or prototype, CHM or HxS file

1.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005

2.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=hana

3.    Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=prototype

To build hxs, add /target:Hxs, eg: Msbuild build.proj /property:PresentationStyle=vs2005 /target:Hxs

Issues fixed in this version (Reported by Customers):

1. Sandcastle: Add other supported languages to configs

2. Sandcastle: ApiFilter doesn't work as expected

3. Sandcastle: Build intellisense documentation without internal members

4. Sandcastle: BuildAssembler is throwing System.FormatException

5. Sandcastle: Can SandCastle find automatically GAC assemblies

6. Sandcastle: Chinese characters incorrectly display in TOC

7. Sandcastle: duplicate keys in shared_content.xml and reference.content.xml

8. Sandcastle: Example code sections in VS2005 template is having incorrect background-color and font

9. Sandcastle: Format of Delaration Syntax section need to improve.(prototype)

10. Sandcastle: Incorporate Dbcsfix in sandcastle

11. Sandcastle: Incorrect behavior for Complier Generated Class

12. Sandcastle: Incorrect bracket order of generic type. (prototype)

13. Sandcastle: Method name has double '()' in prototype style

14. Sandcastle: Move "UnsupportedExplicit_JSharp" from vs2005/hana to shared file

15. Sandcastle: MRefBuilder Namespace Ripping Bug with /internal+ option

16. Sandcastle: Nested type split type name with two dots. (prototype)

17. Sandcastle: No index entry in hxs build (prototype style)

18. Sandcastle: Open a new window when a MSDN-link is being clicked

19. Sandcastle: Printing issue of prototype transforms

20. Sandcastle: Problems about "public event" in cpp project.

21. Sandcastle: Problems in compiling html help due to encoding settings

22. Sandcastle: Reflection file is not correct if we have overloaded constructors (prototype style)

23. Sandcastle: Set "style" attribute to "cpp" for ManagedCPlusPlus

24. Sandcastle: Some type's FullName is showing up incorrectly. (vsorcas style)

25. Sandcastle: The "Type Parameters" are showing up differently between "Class" and "Members" page.

26. Sandcastle: Provide 5 Start Feedback Control

27. SandCastle: The icon of protected delegate is shown as public in .chm file

28. SandCastle: The member of enumeration in “Members” section has a link to self page.

29. Sandcastle: The method signature in "Members" section looks uncorrectly. (vsorcas style, Language Filter: Visual C++)

30. Sandcastle: There is an unhandled Exception araise when I run Build_sandcastle with vsorcas style

31. Sandcastle: When a method overrides another, the name of the class defining the original method is not present in the description

32. Sandcastle: when jump to a page, the default Language Filter is C#, and the page style is "VB" (vsorcas)

33. Sandcastle: When there are many constructors, the title of the group page, in the TOC, starts with a dot. The starting dot should be removed

34. Sandcastle:langword "null" is not rendering in vs2005 style

Issues fixed in this version (Features and Bugs as a part of Orcas RTM):

Approximately 500 work items for Orcas (Visual Studio 2008) RTM. I will be happy to publish a list if users are interested.