Sandcastle Community Projects - Sandcastle Styles


I talked about various community projects supporting Sandcastle in this blog I am very pleased to announce the release of Sandcastle Styles to this community project list. Dave Sexton of DocProject for Sandcastle wrote me the following:

Hi Anand,

I don’t know if anyone else notified you about this yet, but Sandcastle Styles is now live.

Thanks Dave for notifying me. As I understand the goal of this project is to improve Sandcastle releases by providing a rolled-up solution to various presentation style issues in a manner that is highly visible to the Sandcastle community and also involves community feedback.

What's Available in this release?

Sandcastle May 2008 Patch - This is a patch for the Sandcastle presentation style files that fixes most of the known bugs. It also includes enhancements to existing features.

Documenting Web Projects - This contains information on producing XML comments for web application and website projects. For website projects, custom code providers are included that make it much easier to obtain the XML comments files needed to create a help file using Sandcastle

Sandcastle MAML Guide - This is intended to be a reference that you can use to find out all that you need to know about Microsoft Assistance Markup Language (MAML) as used with Sandcastle to produce help files containing conceptual content.

Future Plans

Work is under way to produce a set of example code and MAML files that you can use to see the effects of the various XML comments and MAML elements and learn how they can be used. In the future, custom presentation styles and language packs may also be made available.

This is a great community team effort by Dave, Eric and Paul and I thank you guys for brining this effort together. Cheers.