Seventeenth Annual WritersUA Conference for Software User Assistance, March 29-April 1, Seattle, Washington


I am very pleased to be a part of the Seventeenth Annual WritersUA Conference for Software User Assistance. At this conference I am presenting a session on Sandcastle and my colleague April will be presenting Help3. I have provided screen shots on Help3 below. The next release of Sandcastle will support Help 3 attributes. I will publish my slides from this conference later this week.

You can join the Linkedin Group for this conference at A number of the speakers have posted some info about themselves and their current activities.


Help 3:

Help 3 Viewer for Visual Studio 2010 is shaping up well. We did demos at PDC and at the MVP summit. I will blog details on Help 3 attributes shortly. Latest screen shots from Help3 vewer are posted below:



Let me know if you plan on being at this conference. I would love to meet with you. Cheers.