An XML Ad for the upcoming patterns & practices Summit

I feel like I need to do an entry about the upcoming p&p Summit, but I've got an ethical dilemma as a principled blogger. I usually try to put some time into my blogs entries and don't usually like to do cheapies. So, I thought I would be more than just a marketing mouthpiece for the Summit and wrap some XML around the message to make no bones about what this entry is all about. Don't know if it'll help encourage you to come, but it kept me entertained for 10 minutes. Maybe it'll start a trend. Uhhh, maybe not...


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As you may already know, the international patterns & practices Summit is a 3rd party event sponsored by the p&p team that showcases our material for developers, designers, and solutions architects who need to learn how to integrate architectural design patterns and procedures with the Microsoft's .NET platform.



We ran this event in Redmond last May and in the UK last June, both to excellent reviews. In fact, with the Redmond event, I think the most impressive stat was that every attendee would recommend it to a friend. Well, we’ve got another one coming up soon in the Washington DC area. As with the previous versions, the will be a three-day conference, set to run from October 5-7, 2004. Registrations have moving fast, but there’s still plenty of room available and we’ve arranged a discount for Microsoft employees and their partners/customers.



I’m expecting this session to be even better because May was the debut p&p Summit and I think that, despite the solid feedback, we’ve probably found some places where we can get even better. We’re already seeing outstanding early registration, which is great given we are just starting our heavy promotion!



We’ve got a full slate of experts scheduled on tap, including Keith Pleas, Chris Kinsman, Billy Hollis, Rocky Lhotka, Ted Neward, and Fernando Guerrero (I’m sure I’m leaving some people off L). From the p&p team, I’ll be there, as will Jim Newkirk and Ron Jacobs. Plus, we’ll probably have one of the first technical drill-downs with the real Enterprise Library bits. So, I hope you can join us. Visit for more info…



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