Block Testing

One of the most common questions people ask me about the application blocks is whether they should be used in production. Are they really “enterprise-worthy”? The answer is YES!!! That's when I start bragging about this great lab we have in Building 5 on Microsoft's campus. We have millions of dollars of equipment running a datacenter environment--it's very cool. Of course, that never really satisfies anyone. They are usually a little more anxious about HOW the blocks are tested and how they can test their own permutations of the blocks. Well, the p&p test team is putting together some guidance around how they test the blocks. They did a patterns version of this guidance back in the fall and this was the natural next project. 

The guide's TOC and two draft chapters have been made available so its possible for others to provide feedback. You can download preview chapters at . So far, they have chapters that cover Code Review of an Application Block and Testing Methodologies. Other draft chapters will be made available later covering subjects such as testing Tools & Methodologies, how to conduct design reviews of app blocks, and issues such as functionality, globalization, and performance testing. And yes, there should be a component on unit testing. Anyway, whether you are a test or a dev, it's probably a good idea to check it out and let those guys know what you think. 

Of course, they are looking for feedback. Here's a great chance to tell the test team exactly what you want to know from them. It's a great way to see inside the p&p process and understand the rigor required to take a block to actually make it through to MSDN. You may have comments on what they are covering or even their process. Either way, comments are encouraged and appreciated. I'm personally looking forward to this one because they can answer the questions much better than me. That'll let me focus on being Mr. Fluffy (my nickname during TechEd thanks to my marketing “sensibilities“). Hmm, maybe too much info :-)...

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