New block -- the cure for "intermittent connectivity"

Here comes another one.  We just released the first The Offline Application Block, which is intended to serve as an architectural model for developers who want to add offline capabilities to their smart client applications.

The block checks for the presence or absence of network connectivity, caches the key data so that the application can continue to function when are disconnected, and syncs the data with the server when the network connection becomes available.  Personally, I really think this one is cool.  We live in a world of intermittent connectivity.  Drive to work, you're disconnected.  Get to work, you're connected.  Leave work, you're disconnected.  Get a Big Mac or a latte. you're connected.  You get the point.  Anyway, I've seen Outlook 2003 do a great job with this offline/online syncing.  I'm hoping this block helps a lot of developers get that same level of seamlessness...

{Foo Fighters 1995 debut  in the background.  Dave Grohl is the most talented musician on this planet.}