Aviary Launches Windows 8 App and Photo Editor SDK with Six Partners


Aviary, a BizSpark Startup from New York, with whom I have been working for last few years, recently launched their Windows 8 App (Photo Editor) along with their Photo Editor Windows 8 SDK and half-dozen partner apps (Rowi, Memorylage, MyFrames, Photo Annotater, Selektiv, Volet by Volevi).

Aviary achieved significant performance improvements by implementing filters and effects through the new heterogeneous computing language C++ AMP (Accelerated Massive Parallelism). C++ AMP accelerates the execution of your C++ code by taking advantage of the data-parallel hardware that's commonly present as a graphics processing unit (GPU) on a discrete graphics card.

Photo Editor Windows 8 SDK, a free download for C++/XAML and C#/XAML Windows 8 apps, is available to impress your Windows 8 App users with intuitive editing tools.

Can’t wait to see the live demo and meet Aviary Team in person, then check out the NY Tech MeetUp event tomorrow evening. And, if you are up for Photo Hacking then checkout the upcoming Photo Hack Day 4 at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA during 6-7 Apr’13.