Day2: Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week @ Boston 06Oct09

Day2 coverage from Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week for Windows 7 at Boston. Check out the live tweeter-coverage (#MBIWk) here.

All teams are in high gear in developing their solution with the help of on-site advisors and off-shore development team. We are witnessing a new level of innovation as the week is progressing, underscoring the key features of Windows 7.

Doug Levin, today’s guest speaker, did an awesome job sharing his insight on “How to Pitch to Investors”. It was a highly interactive session, without any slide-deck. Folks loved it.


Marsh Sutherland from SocialGrow started a Meetup for Boston BizSpark Startups. As of this blog-post, 14 BOSSparkers have already signed up in few hours.

Enjoy today’s pics..




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DSC_0036 (2) DSC_0035 (2)

DSC_0033 (2) DSC_0032 (2)

DSC_0030 (2) DSC_0031 (2)

Sanjay Jain

ISV Architect Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation