There's something about Async - 1

An overview of Asynchronous-ness:

Getting started

You must have read in a number of blogs/articles that asynchronous operations are good for your UI responsiveness. It sounds good too. But, for last many months I have been working hard to put them in place so that I can actually understand and use them. Finally, I did manage to understand.

You are lucky to be reading this, as I will give you what most articles fail to deliver - simplicity. Too much information is not good. So, let's live one concept at a time. We will try to keep it short and direct. So, let's rock and roll.


Before we start to cook anything, we need the ingredients. Here are they:

  • Delegates :┬áDon't worry they are not so scary.
  • Threads and threading : I know these are a little complicated stuff, but you need to understand them. You can count on me; I will not make hot gravy.