Biztalk 2004 SP2

BizTalk 2004 SP2 can now be downloaded from -

Some of the most important fixes that are included in this service pack are:

Performance issues with different orchestration scenarios

EDI transmit fails with certain structures of outgoing messages

Disassembling large flat file messages in the pipeline stalls other processing

The rules engine is not honoring rule priorities correctly in high load

Body tracking doesn’t track the original message

Dynamic send ports causing 10 second delay in subscription

100% CPU in orchestration when calling PrepareForActivationComplete

Messages could still be delivered even though the orchestration instances were zombied

Connection problems with HTTP Request-response requests

Request to turn off FTP Throttling

Memory Leak problem in PipelineContextWrapper/Interop.ResourceTrackerbr

Apart from this a new feature of Archiving and Purging has been added that can automatically manage archiving and purging of the tracking database.

Find the list of things that go into the SP2 here.