Changing Tracks - Focus on Customer Care Framework

Yeah I know, its been more than a week or two that I am inactive. But then there is a reason for it.
Off late I've been involved in implementing Customer Care solutions with Microsoft Customer Care Framework. And I definitely think its a cool arena to explore.
Of course, the BizTalk server still remains a personal favourite, but then you can expect to find a lot of customer care and CCF related posts in the coming days.

(What? you dont know what is CCF? just check out @

A CCF solution is definitely not a piece of cake as it might seem from the marketing material. There is a lot of stuff that goes into a real good Customer Care solution.

You need to think about accessibility, flexibility, the user expirience and a lot of other stuff. But definitely CCF eases out a huge amount of blues as we wade through these waters.

One of the best part of the framework is amazing ease and flexibility with which you can do presentation integration. For call centers, the LOB & OSS/BSS apps form a major chunk of the systems that they HAVE TO rely on. In an ideal world, all these systems would be talking to each other in a common language and things would go in a perfect harmony. But then we all know that this isnt the ideal world :).

Integrating these applications with a common middle tier and then having a single front end to deal with every possible customer query is the best integration that can be achieved. But with the myriad systems out there, it is a way too time consuming job asking for a lot of investments.

CCF offers a quick integration solution that can be your first step to getting into the SOA world. And with that amount of flexibility and agility, the call center simply starts saving big bucks just by reducing the average time it takes for a customer care agent to fulfill the customer queries.

So, all that being said, CCF seems a great avenue to me and thats what I am doing at the moment.

More to come as I go ahead with it.