Commerce Server 2006 (Oops 2007) RC0 Released

The Commerce Server 2007 RC 0 has released last week. The product has been enhanced a lot from its predecessor - 2002.

Yeah, I can see those raised eyebrows. Well the original name of the product has been changed from 2006 to 2007 not because it is going to be delayed. The product is definitely on track for the June RTM release. But Microsoft starts with its 2007 fiscal year when the product is out, hence the change in name.

The CS 2007 sports a lot of enhancements. The code is completely based in the de-facto .net 2.0. It now has some better integration with BizTalk 2006 with its set of adapters for the Orders, Catalog, Inventory & Profiles. Its integration with BTS also helps easily connect to LOB apps or trading partners.

Its packed with loads of other features apart from this.
You can check it out for yourself. Download an evaluation at -

--Sanket Bakshi