Mumbai Blast Victims - Lets try to lend our helping hand

Off topic, but just today 8 horrifying blasts have shook the city of Mumbai - India's financial capital & main trade center. All of these blasts have occured in the local trains which are almost like the nervous system of the city.

Over 150 people have been killed and a lot more injured.

The telephone lines are already jammed, for those within India, Times of India is providing an SMS service to know about those affected . These SMSs are being broadcasted on all the news channels. This can help you know about your friends or relatives confirming that they are safe. To avail this service from within India, you can send an SMS to 8888. This will be broadcasted on the news channels.

News channels including ND TV are also showing names of those injured and admitted to the nearby hospitals.

The govt has already started its remedial measure, but lets do whatever it takes on our part to try and help the unfortunate victims.


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