SAP starts Windows Server 2012 First Customer Shipment program


SAP Windows Server 2012 First Customer Shipment program


we would like to point out that SAP started the Windows Server 2012 First Customer Shipment
program ( FCS ). All the details can be found in the following two SAP notes :

1752767 : Release planning for Windows Server 2012
1753578 : Windows Server 2012 in Virtual Environments

According to these SAP notes general GA for Windows Server 2012 is planned for Q2 2013.
But customers are welcome to join the FCS right now.

While there will be some restrictions during the FCS when running SAP directly on Windows
Server 2012 there are no limitations in using WS2012 Hyper-V in combination with
Windows 2008 ( R2 ) as the guest OS inside a VM. Customers can start with the latter scenario 
today. In addition SAP will support production systems already during the FCS phase when
using Windows 2008 ( R2 ) on top of WS2012 Hyper-V.

The SAP notes mentioned above are asking FCS customers to give feedback about configuration
and experiences. The process how to do this is described in the SAP notes as well.

We would like to emphasize this important point and encourage every FCS customer to do this.
All the information will be collected and best practice guidance will be derived from it for the benefit
of the whole WS2012 Hyper-V community. Thanks in advance for your help.

Further information related to SAP on Hyper-V can be found in the following SAP notes :

    - SAP Note 1246467 : Hyper-V Configuration Guideline 
    - SAP Note 1409608 : Virtualization on Windows
    - SAP Note 1409604 : Virtualization on Windows : Enhanced monitoring
    - SAP Note 1492000 : General Support Statement for Virtual Environments
    - SAP Note 1374671 : High Availability in Virtual Environments on Windows 

Miele( household appliances ) is our first customer who went live with virtualized SAP application
servers of one of their most important SAP systems running on WS2012 Hyper-V and guest OS
Windows 2008 R2 inside the VMs.