Connecting Line-of-Business (LOB) Systems like SAP and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

It’s a very common scenario that customers or partners use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server in combination with their different LOB Systems like SAP, PeopleSoft, or Siebel. For connecting from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server the customer has various choices depending on the version of the backend system and the needed functionality. Microsoft shipped the BizTalk Adapter Pack which allows you to connect to LOB Systems like SAP and use the exposed functionality from Visual Studio directly or through Microsoft BizTalk Server. A few colleagues now published a document describing how to use this Adapter Pack in order to connect LOB Systems with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. You will find the document here, more information about the BizTalk Adapter Pack can be found at this Tutorial and at the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack Samples page.

- Juergen