Microsoft .NET and SAP – The Book from MSPRESS will be published beginning of February

Nearly one year ago we I contacted MSPRESS and asked them whether they are interested in publishing a book about Microsoft .NET and SAP. When SAP told me they would be interested in publishing such a book I asked my colleagues Steve Fox, Scott Adams, and Thomas Reimer to take over some topics and we started writing and developing the samples. After one year of moonlighting work we finally finished the book and it will be published at the beginning of February. You can find the information about the book at, it has 480 pages full of information around Microsoft and SAP, and we covered topics like:

· Microsoft BI and SAP

· SharePoint and SAP

o iView Web Parts

o Business Server Pages

· Office Communication Server

· Microsoft InfoPath

· Web Services

· …

For most of the topics we have included detailed walk-through’s so that you can use the samples as a basis for developing your own solutions.

I hope the book will help you in your work in the Microsoft/SAP Interoperability space, if you are more interested in a book which covers SAP running on Windows take a look to the book from my colleague Josef Stelzel ( published at SAP Press.

- Juergen