System Center Virtual Machine Manager R2 enhances capabilities of virtualized SAP infrastructures

System Center Virtual Machine Manager is the management tool for larger virtualized infrastructures consisting of many physical servers, potentially clusters and many virtual machines. It did provide already in its Windows Server 2008 version the capability of managing templates for the deployment of new virtual machines, controlling the migration from physical servers into virtual machines (P2V) or delegate the administration of a VM to workgroups. Now, with Windows Server 2008 R2 as parent OS for a Hyper-V server, SCVMM R2 was enhanced to support also Live Migration, handling Cluster Shared Volumes to maintain many VHD files of Virtual Machines on a single storage LUN and storage migration of the VHD files. More interesting features are the maintenance mode where VM’s are automatically moved away from a physical server by using live migration if this server is scheduled for maintenance. Also, the capability of dynamically adding or removing storage to a running VM has been build into SCVMM R2. In any installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 for Hyper-V as described in my previous post, SCVMM R2 is the logical extension for higher automation and enhanced management.

More info about SCVMM R2 is available here:


- Josef