Activating Azure without Credit Card utilizing MSDN Subscription

The wait is finally over. Microsoft Azure is generally available in Bangladesh now. You can either try for free trial for one month entitling to $200 Azure credit, but you’d require an international credit/debit card OR dollar endorsed to your local credit card for foreign travel to activate that although you will not be charged until the period is expired or you’ve overspent that $200. However, if credit card is a hassle for you, you have a great option of MSDN Subscription.

If you/your company already has MSDN Subscription OR you’re a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), you can activate your monthly up to $150 Azure benefit by following simple steps:


  • You will be navigated to the following page. Fill in the required information. Once you have completed the mobile verification in Step 2, the sign up button will be activated. Click on “Sign up”


  • After clicking on the “Sign up” button you will be navigated to the following page. Wait and refresh at intervals until the subscription is activated. The status will be changed from “Pending” to “Active” when the subscription becomes active.


  • Next click on the active subscription - “Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN”


You can use this portal:

  • to set up new services, resources and components
  • to get immediate control of your services, resources and components.
  • to get notifications

Congratulations, your Azure account is all set up and good to go. You can now start creating websites, virtual machines, mobile services, cloud services, SQL Databases and a lot more with Microsoft Azure.

Article courtesy: Anika Sayara