Imagine Cup Bangladesh 2015 National Finals – winners announced

I know, I know. You can’t wait, so there you go the winners of Imagine Cup Bangladesh 2015 National Finals – congratulations to them:

World Citizenship:


We didn’t receive any qualified Innovation entries this year which seems to be a challenge in Bangladesh. Contestants seem to be more comfortable with the well-defined World Citizenship problems and creative Games where sky’s the limit to them.

Judges’ Comments

We have selected a handful of projects for open judges’ comments.


Their project is called qSmoke which aims to show impact and effects of smoking on your personal life. It takes input of your daily smoking habits and other personal information, and shows Health conditions, Effects on people and environment, as well opportunities missed due to the cost of smoking, for example, you could buy a XBOX, or a Surface, etc.

Judges’ feedback: The data this app presents should have been backed with authentic reference data sources. The graphical imagery of health effects were set as static, and there’s also no backing parameters which drives the rendering of the affected body organs which doesn’t make it dynamic. This app also needs to go social, since smoking is said to be contagious, so social influence is important factor. In addition, the game shown later on wasn’t clear enough what it does and how it helps to quit smoking. Find out a more creative way to address the issue, since smoking is really a big problem in the society.


A low-cost Braille printer.

Judges’ feedback: The idea and the cost perspective are good. It’s an innovative project, and there are more than several ways that could contribute in speeding up the printing process. It’s not clear if they had explored those options or not. Presentation of the project is far away from good. They may also want to add a few more interesting facts to the presentation for example, visually impaired people working in tough environments or even coding, and the productivity benefit the user of the printer gets out of the project. They also wondered whether the packaging/chassis could be much improved by using 3D printers which are already available in Bangladesh. Otherwise, it’s not a presentable project in the finals round in its current state. There should also be a comparison drawn in the case of speed of printing of each letter against other similar printers in the market/innovated. PDF printing might be far fetched, but a phone app could be developed for simple text printing. In addition, the printer needs to be portable/mobile backed with Bluetooth/WiFi (might be costlier) capability. The cost comparison/perspective should also be elaborated in the presentation which is currently available only on the documentation.


Freedom Coder 2

This project compares the table of contents of a flash drive and tells if there was any change, and also it can lock USB ports. The project was submitted to both Innovation and World Citizenship categories, but judges considered it for only World Citizenship, since there was a potential usage in forensic of Government office investigations.

Judges’ feedback: The idea wasn’t innovative at all, and there are tons of such tools freely available on the internet along with source code and articles are widely available to do exactly this. It requires email/password to login, which particularly in this solution, makes it unclear where such sensitive data is stored and what was done to prevent potential exploits in certain cases. Because it was pitched for using in forensic investigation, such critical matters should be taken into consideration.


They built a hex-copter which might have potential use for fire-fighting, heavy ariel lift, etc.

Judges’ feedback: It seems the project has demanded hard work, although a lot of infrastructure and heavy-lifting had been laid out by Multiwii. With 3-minute flight, whether fire-fighting or heavy ariel lifting are at all possible is a big question here since, there was no roadmap for significant performance improvement was shown. There was no comparison of what’s there in the market now and how this project is different from theirs.


A crowd-sourced traffic data feeder/mapper.

Judges’ feedback: The name of the project must be changed since in reality its not a vehicle trackers, however this app is a necessity in this country. The real challenge would be to get people use it, and there should be a proper model/plan how it can be achieved, because crowd sourcing is not easy. Can there be any other cleverer way to obtain this traffic data instead of or along with crowd sourcing? That also demonstrates the lack of proper business model in this submission. The wave of messages/burst that are being triggered need to be categorized. In the same burst traffic updates and cry for emergency help should not be there. And also, can a user look at the state of a different route than the neighborhood s/he is in? There was also no indication as to how data mining could be used to find patterns and suggest users to avoid certain routes for a specific date/time/season/location/weekdays/week-ends and also custom time-frame. Some other judges also thought the focus is too vague/broad. It could be sales-force tracker/only traffic tracker, etc. One core value should be there, and there could be add-ons to it. Presentation could be improved a lot.


A desktop software that allows physically disabled people to operate computer with very high accuracy using eye & head tracking and voice commands.

Judges’ feedback: The project had been attempted numerous times in Imagine Cup in last 5 years in Bangladesh, but this project stands out with excellent quality of presentation, and a high-performing solution than anybody else’s previous attempts. Voice commands have several issues which need to be fixed before the next round. Our tests say that the program works with head tracking alone, as we haven’t seen it tracking eyes at all. The project has only one narrow focus which falls under positive side. Processor and memory usage were lower than previous years’ attempts. Deactivation of a service via voice command was nearly inactive. Mouse movement needs work. The phone client was hardcoded, so we couldn’t run it within short period of judgment time, which was unpleasant.


Code Benders

A Batman vs. Robin football game

Judges’ feedback: This is a perfect game for mobile devices but it was made for desktop. It’s not clear how to play the game in multiplayer mode. The presentation lacked a lot in terms of sustainability aspect of the project.

Crimson Rose Studios

An RPG Adventure game.

Judges’ feedback: Pleasant and detailed graphics, 90’s retro theme could be adopted/explored but overall the ambient is great, especially storm and lightening. Deployment of the vegetation looks great, but it was used little more than expected, and also other settings could be introduced, for example: desert. However, because a lot of effort was spent on detailing, there were important pieces missing in the game, such as splash screen, proper menu navigation system, etc. which could be done in short period of time. Instead of 5 detailed levels, if it was a complete game with 2 interactive levels, the future of this project could be different. A little more obstacles and enemies and the player’s action/interaction against them would greatly add value to the fun aspect of it. It was difficult to relate the game play with the story told. Presentation could be a more improved.


Freedom Coder

A Shooting, survival and space game.

Judges’ feedback: This is a simple game which should be targeted for mobile devices. Because this is an infinitely scrolling game, more levels would be preferred as well as scoring. A proper scoring least but not limited to stored in the cloud and socially/globally ranked standing list would be a good addition.


A 3D side-scroller puzzle game.

Judges’ feedback: This game must go to the next stage of the competition – this is THE game, but they have to put a serious fight to go to the world finals. It has incredible graphics, fluid animation, transition, detailed and long levels, picked up on latest trends, and clever camera movement. It looks professional and complete. However, there’re a few scopes of improvement. The character might die in cruel ways which doesn’t go with the overall theme and approach of the game, and also the main character needs redesign as she looks like a zombie child. Gamers may want the child to be cute and adorable and feel compassion towards her regardless if the intention was to make her look sad. The was no checkpoint, so if the gamer makes any mistake there’s no way to go back.



A 2D Cut the Rope clone in a different theme.

Judges’ feedback: Aesthetic aspects should be improved least but not limited to graphics and sound, and the presentation needs love. Overall fun and addictive. Scoring system should be in place and should be released to the store.

Team Battery Low

A 2D Cut the Rope clone in a different theme.

Judges’ feedback: It was a challenge to decide the winner in Games competition between this team and Karigor, but in the end Team Battery Low managed to secure 2nd position. It’s a complete game! Graphics, animation, game play and audio are perfect. Financial aspects of the project need to take less time in the presentation, because the team is not pitching to an investor right at this moment. There could be a smooth transition towards hopping on to a planet, especially when the hero travels from another planet. Zoom out functionality should work as the gamer expects. There should also be more things to do, more puzzles to solve or more obstacles to overcome once he lands on a planet. Fun and addictive!



A multiplayer maze game.

Judges’ feedback: Fun is the aspect in Imagine Cup Games competition with the highest marks, but this game failed to address it, although it’s near publishable to the Store. The web project wasn’t submitted, so it’s not clear how the data is stored and what was done to prevent congestion and implemented load balancing ability in multiplayer mode. Somehow the game wasn’t felt like playing it again, regardless of the completeness in all other aspects of it. Game play wasn’t intuitive and easy to understand for the mass gamers.


We have thoroughly enjoyed the competition. Good luck to the 1st position winners of World Citizenship and Games categories for the next round which is Online Semi-finals.