Sheikh Abdullah Al Jubair: First Developer Intern at Microsoft Bangladesh

As the title suggests he was the first ever Developer Intern at Microsoft Bangladesh, and the rest of the story you should read from him:

603963_10152171262725629_1941799726_nIf you ask a computer science student where do you want to do your intern, you may hear some common companies/places. You can easily figure out these places are actually a dream place for a Computer science student. By the grace of Almighty, I am among some of the luckiest person who got opportunity to do an intern in such a dream place, and the place is Microsoft. When you go to work for such a big world famous corporation, as a fresher you can feel some anxiety inside you thinking what their expectations would be and how could you fulfill their expectations. The same is to me too. I was anxious, a bit nervous at first day and also for some days but with times I am overwhelmed with the friendly environment that within a few days I feel at home. The environment is such that it is almost impossible to get bored. As a developer intern, there were always challenges and new things to learn. I got proper guidance to face those challenges and so I never panicked. No man is hundred percent perfect. I was not either but what I got, the guidance to be perfect. The most important thing is it gives me the exposure to real world, the confidence that I am able to walk through any challenges, the self belief that any developer needs.

My four months of intern period was like a dream with challenges and lessons. But every dream has an end. So mine too. May be it’s your time to fulfill your dream and work in an world’s one of the most amazing environment.

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