Winner Announcements of Online Universal Windows App-a-thon

We had a very tough contest and a fascinating battle among the Windows app developers which began on August 14, 2014 and ended on September 30, 2014. It’s the first time ever online app- a-thon at which developers published Universal apps from their own Store account.


Many potential winners have lost their apps in the Store, because they violated Windows Store Terms & Conditions. For example, unauthorized use of trademark/copyrighted materials. If you name your app exactly after a widely known company name, or your user name in the Store follows a prominent brand, you might have fallen into that category. Another example is that if you publish same game/app from multiple accounts, you lose both the accounts and all the apps that those contain in them. No cheating is allowed! Therefore, those who were ahead of the race and had a sure chance of winning, all of their hard work was flushed down to the drain due to their reluctance to follow Store policy more carefully. We’d expect that you pay more heed to such details.

A. Games

Only two games qualified for the competition. Other games either they have managed to get their game removed from the Store due to not following guidelines or are not up to the mark at all. Here are the winners:

Prize Name University Store link
Lumia 820 Shakil Bin Karim (Karnafuly) BRAC University link 1 and link 2
Lumia 620 Shubhra Prakash Sarker (Dive and Ride) Khulna University link 1 and link 2


B. Qualitative apps:

There’s only one winner in this category and none of the other entries have qualified in the competition. Swagata Prateek, Bangladesh’s currently only Windows Platform Development MVP, won a Lumia 1520 for his Doctor Quest app: link 1, link 2.

C. Quantitative apps:

Prize Name University
Lumia 1520 Al Masum Fahim Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology
Lumia 820 Md. Shamim Towhid Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology
Lumia 620 Shoaib Bin Noor Islamic University of Technology
Lumia 620 Masuk Sarker Batista Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology
Crest Shahriar Siraj Snigdho Independent University, Bangladesh


Winners will be contacted shortly and invited to receive their prizes. Thank you for participating in the contest.