Disabling the IDE Navigator (Ctrl-Tab Dialog)

I’ve had a few questions come back to me about disabling the IDE Navigator, aka the Ctrl-Tab Dialog. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Tools – Options – Keyboard
  2. Under “Show commands containing:”, type in “Window.NextDocumentWindowNav”
  3. Press the Remove button to remove the “Ctrl+Tab” keyboard shortcut binding

If you want the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Ctrl-Tab behavior, continue with these steps:

  1. Under “Show commands containing”, type in “Window.NextDocumentWindow”
  2. Under Press shortcut keys, press Ctrl+Tab.
  3. Press Assign to bind the keyboard shortcut
  4. Press OK to accept changes and dismiss the tools options dialog

And ctrl-tab will cycle through all open documents without the IDE Navigator popping up.