Happy Lombardi Gras!!

“It’s like waiting 43 years for someone to tell you ‘I love you’ back.” – Superbowl Pregame Show.

What a week.

I flew down Saturday morning to join family in the French Quarter. A cousin booked a hotel room with a balcony on Bourbon Street for Superbowl weekend way back in October. What an incredible experience to be right there in that number when the Saints went marching in.

This photo was taken by me, hence the poor quality, which may not be a bad thing. =D

Bourbon Street right after Saints winning Superbowl

All around New Orleans folks were honking horns, shooting fireworks, hugging one another. Everywhere you went in the city that night was a sea of black and gold.

My cousin sent the New Orleans TV crew WWL “Pigs are flying” mardi gras beads. The news anchors were so thrilled by them that they showed them on the news, twice (once in Miami and once in New Orleans). We were beyond thrilled.

Flying Pig beads

Maybe it was the Saints or maybe it was the City of New Orleans, but whoever it was, someone had great insight to plan a Saints parade (win or lose) on Tuesday after the Superbowl. We called that day Lombardi Gras.

Parade organizers estimate 800,000 were in attendance. To put that number into perspective, approximately 250k-300k live in New Orleans. And it was cold. Very cold for New Orleans standards. So cold in fact, it started to snow today, but that’s what happens when the Saints win the superbowl and pigs fly.

Just as if we couldn’t adore Drew Brees any more (we’ve already turned his home into a shrine), after the Saints parade, he unexpectedly dropped by a local bar in New Orleans right off parade route to hang out and teach the crowd the pre-game chant.

Who Dat? We Dat! “New Orleans is back” – Tom Benson, owner of the Saints.