Live From Redmond: Client Application Services in Orcas


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Continuing further along in with our "Live from Redmond" series I shall be presenting the following talk on Nov 27th ...

Have attached the slide deck from the talk. The actual presentation can be viewed online at any time through the registration link below.

Live From Redmond: Client Application Services in Orcas 

27th Nov 2006 [Click here to register

Client Application Services are a new set of features in Orcas that enable application to authenticate users, get roles for the user and persisting user settings on a server. These Client Application Services work in conjugation with the Web Application Services for Authentication, Roles and Profiles also new in Orcas. Additionally these Client Application Services support Occasionally Connected Applications by supporting offline Authenticatoin, Roles and Profiles, where they work against a local cache instead of an online server.

This webcast will provide an introduction Client Application Services as well as examples of how to use the services in you own applications.

ClientApplicationServices MSDN Talk.ppt