SPOT - Smart Personal Object Technology

Yesterday, my friend Anil told something about SPOT watches, whatever he said was quite interesting and exiciting. So, I thought of sharing my KB on the same.

What is SPOT?
SPOT turns for Smart Personal Object Technology. I am quite sure that couple of people must be aware of SPOT - again an Microsoft Initiative :) for making daily use objects turned into smart devices, simply by embedding smarted software to it, i.e. Wrist Watch is one among them.

"Smart Personal Objects are everyday objects, such as clocks, pens, key-chains and billfolds, that are made smarter, more personalized and more useful through the use of special software. These everyday objects already exist in huge numbers, and, of course, all of them already have primary functions that people find valuable. So our goal is simply to improve on these core functions to make these new, smarter objects that are not just useful but indispensable."

- Bill Mitchell, General Manager, Microsoft Personal Objects Group

How this magic works?
SPOT enabled watches uses DirectBand - a service provider. Direct Band use radio waves to send information, the dataflow is one way. When information is sent (using radio waves), is catched by the receiver listening at that frequency. Each Information type like news, weather info are sent at different frequencies. SPOT enabled devices receives the frequency and saves the info in the memory of the device. This info is then displayed to the screen and updated at regular intervals.

Exicited to see an SPOT Watch:

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