Phishing - a social malice by e-Zombies

Phishing has become a big concern - and it has started to hit Indians in large numbers. With the following two reports from ET -\_/Call\_Centre\_man\_held\_for\_hacking\_bank\_account/rssarticleshow/2548793.cms and\_/Phishers\_get\_smarter\_keep\_ICICI\_clueless/rssarticleshow/2527034.cms , its very clear that Phishing is on big time in India. The targets are innocent, non tech-savvy elders who would seldom understand that and are different if the UI looks the same. The e-Zombies are wrecking havocs by exploiting these people.

It is highly recommended to use the features provided by the browser manufacturers to keep yourself safe from the same -

IE 7 (IE blog also gives a high-level overview of the protection process) -

Firefox 2 -

Opera -

However, its always recommended to rely on common-sense and also on the banks recommendation - i.e. never divulge your PIN online etc before even using e-banking even for the first time.