Growing the family

It's a boy!  No, no, no not that. 

If you're a SubSonic fan, you may have seen Rob Conery's blog today with the announcement that he's accepted an offer to join my team.  I've been working with Rob on some projects over the past few months and it's been nothing but goodness.  I'm super excited about this.

ScottGu and I have been talking about ways to continue to build community momentum around our tools and platform, and a project like SubSonic is just a great, great example of that.  Given our existing relationship with Rob, plus the new ASP.NET MVC stuff, formalizing something here made a lot of sense.  Moreover, this is a very natural addition to the other transparency stuff that I've been driving over the past few years - the open source AJAX Control Toolkit, the .NET Reference Source project, and another external open source project.

To be clear Microsoft did NOT buy, annex, co-opt, or otherwise take over SubSonic.  SubSonic is still what it is, and a big part of Rob's job is going to be to make sure it continues to grow and provide a great platform for building data-centric apps.  Rob still has complete authority over SubSonic, it's his baby.  He'll also be pitching in to help find ways to deliver value for ASP.NET in general.  He's got great ideas already, we're fortunate to harness his passion and instincts in these areas.  Plus he can tag-team with Phil Haack, so look out world.

Head on over to Rob's blog for more details.