Silverlight 2 Released - Silverlight Toolkit on the Way

As you know, today we released Silverlight 2.  Scott mentioned the Silverlight Toolkit in his post as well - which is exactly what my team is working on.  We're driving hard to get the first preview release of the Silverlight Toolkit at PDC later this month.

Just to reiterate a few points that Scott called out.  We'll be doing the release under an OSI license (MS-PL) and we will again be including unit tests and a testing harness.   The harness is something that you're welcome to use in your projects, I talked about it a few weeks ago.   We're including the tests themselves so that developers will be able to have plenty of examples about how to write tests, but also it allows some level of coverage for any modifications users choose to make to the controls themselves.

Keep watching this blog for updates on the Silverlight Toolkit and how we're progressing.  In the meantime, here's a screen shot of just a few of the controls in action, with different themes applied. 


ControlsPPCT (4)

(No, we're not doing an Outlook control...that's just example content.)

Lots more to come.