2 Great Use Cases for my Kindle

I love my Kindle, but still have a place in my heart for physical books. I continue to buy both ebooks and physical books. But my two uses for my Kindle that physical books just can’t compete with are reading multiple books at the same time, and reading while working out. I have both a 2nd gen Kindle and a Kindle Fire. I must say that I love the 2nd gen better for the value, but the Fire is growing on me.

1. Reading multiple books at the same time – Some would say this is a bad habit, and maybe so but I do it. I generally am reading 5-7 books at the same time. I’ve challenged myself to read a book a week. Unfortunately, I don’t always meet the goal, but typical I”ll hit at least 2 weeks out of 4. So one downside to this habit is I would have to carry with me all these books. Maybe ok if I just was in the car, but parctically it’s too painful. So the Kindle makes this soooooooo easy!

2. Reading while on the treadmill or elliptical machine – if you are like me, I absolutely hate walking on the treadmill or using the elliptical. I much prefer to walk or run outside. But alas, this needs to happen. Reading while exercising makes the painful time go by so much faster, but holding a book open with your hand is just not doable, especially if you are sweating up a storm. Enter the Kindle. I can do 45 min – 60 min reading the Kindle and time just flies by. I still hate the elliptical but Kindle makes it a love-hate relationship.