Database Files in SharePoint Document Libraries

A common question but in general not recommended.  See a previous post.

....Database Storage - (.mdb, .ldf, ndf, .pst, .ost)- SharePoint lists are incredible ways of capturing data or displaying information from your information workers. These flat structures can be extended now with lookup columns simulating a simplified relational storage. At this stage relational databases should not be considered to be stored in SharePoint lists, but via the Business Data Catalog, data can be displayed or indexed or leveraged for column validation or as lookups. Databases such as SQL databases themselves are not good candidates for storage in a document library. Files that require locking or that have transaction logs would be more appropriate for storage on the file system. If your data needs triggers or stored procedures you may look at the workflows and events as mechanisms for this, but it is not supported to create triggers or stored procedures inside the SharePoint databases. Access databases in Access 2007 have a number of ways that they can both be published to SharePoint lists, consume lists, and display reports. In these new Access 2007 scenarios you will need to determine what is the best scenario for the storage. Access 2003 databases should not be stored in SharePoint document libraries where multiple users need to edit the access database simultaneously....