Deploying MOSS Search

A good article has been posted that discusses how to:

Plan the end-user search experience

Search administrators can improve the relevance and presentation of search results by carefully planning the end-user search experience. The goal of such planning is to create a search experience that enables users to quickly find the information they need. This article contains information that can help Shared Services Provider (SSP) administrators and site collection administrators optimize the end-user search experience.


The first section of this article discusses:

  • The search user interface for performing search queries.
  • How to plan for custom scopes. This includes information about the default scopes that users use to filter the content included in each search query. Administrators can use this information to help identify when your organization might need to create custom scopes. This subsection also discusses how to plan any necessary custom scopes.
  • Advanced searches and how properties can be used to filter search results. Administrators can use this information to understand the options they have for managing keywords and properties to optimize users' ability to perform powerful advanced searches.
  • The benefit of using property searches with scopes. This includes how crawled properties relate to managed properties and how to plan for them.