Excel 2007 Add-in for Syncing with SharePoint

For those that love the 2-way sync of Excel 2003 spreadsheet data and SharePoint lists and wonder why Excel 2007 doesn’t provide this capabillity, take heart, there is good news; a new Excel 2007 add-in is now available. With Excel 2003 you had read/write access to lists on SharePoint sites (WSS 2.0 or WSS 3.0). This allows you to keep the information in your Excel 2003 tables synchronized with the information that appears on the SharePoint site. In Excel 2007, this capability is no longer available, but has given way to Access 2007 as the recommended platform for writing data to SharePoint lists and for using lists offline.

The functionality of the add-in is described in the MSDN white paper Publishing and Synchronizing Excel 2007 Tables to SharePoint Lists.

The add-in Excel 2007 Add-in: Synchronizing Tables with SharePoint Lists adds a button to the Table Tools tab on the Office Ribbon that allows you to publish a read-write list to Windows SharePoint Services. Unfortunately, you cannot save the workbook in the new Office Open XML Formats. Instead, to retain the functionality, you need to save the workbook in the Excel 97-2003 (Biff8) file format.

Go check it out…