MOSS Internet and Extranet Collaboration

For those thinking or planning on this kind of a deployment, there is a new tool you should check out.  I know the folks that put this together and they are top notch.


Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint 2007


Extranet collaboration (i.e. collaboration with individuals outside your organization) poses unique challenges for SharePoint server administrators. These challenges translate directly into key questions for the administrator such as:

How can I provide SharePoint sites for our employees to use to collaborate with our customers, suppliers, partners, etc. and be assured that proper security is maintained?

How can I keep user accounts and passwords for non-employees in a separate database from our internal network user accounts and passwords?

How can I delegate user account creation and maintenance of extranet user accounts to trusted individuals and still maintain proper security and control?

How can extranet users perform their own password changes?

How can I define and gather custom user profile data from my extranet site's users?

How can I automate and manage the process of user site requests and site provisioning?

Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint 2007 is designed specifically to help the SharePoint server administrator overcome these challenges and deploy SharePoint’s leading-edge collaboration tools to the extranet in a secure manner.