MOSS Web Content Management: Customization Jumpstart

I did a WCM demo and deep dive discussion for a few customers in the last few weeks and they were really impressed with the ease at which content can be created and published.  One of the topics was how to make the SharePoint site not look like a SharePoint site.  Because MOSS is built on top of the WSS architecture that utilizes ASP.NET 2.0 master pages, SharePoint sites and pages are much, much easier to brand.  If you need a jumpstart on doing this then there is a lot of info out there already to get you started and some is captured below.  All the learning is on pre-RTM bits so some things may change but the information is still valid.  As always, if you find a really good key reference send me an email.  So, if you are considering MOSS for your internet or extranet presence or are using the Web Content managing and publishing features of MOSS you absolutely need to check these out.

Whitepapers and Reference Material

Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites (Part 1 of 3): Understanding Web Content Management and the Default Features

Summary: This article discusses topics that you should understand before you use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to create sites that support Web content management (WCM) and gives a general overview of the various artifacts that are available in the product. (11 printed pages)

Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites (Part 2 of 3): Extending WCM

Summary: This article explains the structure of master pages, the steps to create a custom master page, the underlying mechanisms of navigation in WCM-enabled sites, the creation of custom field controls, and how to customize the Page Editing toolbar.

Customizing and Branding Web Content Management-Enabled SharePoint Sites (Part 3 of 3): Creating and Configuring WCM-Enabled Sites

Summary: This article examines the Web content management (WCM) features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 from an administrative perspective: creating a Publishing Portal site, configuring a site for anonymous access and forms authentication, and using site variations. (9 printed pages)

ASP.NET Master Pages Overview 


Building, Part 1: Planning and Basic Branding

Building, Part 2: Building Content Types and Page Layouts


Building, Part 3: Customizing Content Query Styles

MOSS2007 - Rebuild Corporate Website

MOSS2007 – Rebuild Corporate Website (Part 2)

MOSS2007 – Rebuild Corporate Website (Part 3)

MOSS2007 – Rebuild Corporate Website (Part 4)

Customizing the Look and Feel of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 - Custom Chrome / Branding

How to: Create a Minimal Master Page 

How to Create and Store Master Pages on the Server for Use with Site Collections

Create a Feature: Master Pages for Site Collections

CSS Options with Master Pages

Customizing Sharepoint 2007: Customizing using SharePoint Designer 2007