SharePoint 2007 Beta 2: More information goodies

In a previous post, I listed a number of resources for Office SharePoint 2007 beta 2.  These were focused more toward the developer.  I have gotten a large number of emails on this post and I know many of you are currently playing with beta 2.  This is awesome!!  It was also great to see so many of you at the SharePoint Conference....a lot of cool discussions.  Keep those questions coming, but don't be too offended if I don't answer right away...

Some of the more recent questions have come from network admins asking for info regarding administration, configuration, planning, installation, etc.  If you were a part of the private beta 1 program you had access to these additional resources.  Since the beta 2 release, these resources have now been made available to the general public so get check them out:

IT Content for 2007 Office System Beta 2

Access to this information linked from the above requires you to install the Office Online Beta Control.  Once installed, you'll be able to view the extra content available on

If you are among the few that don't have beta 2, go get it and install it.  Begin your journey!