SharePoint 2007: The Road from Beta 2 to RTM

For the millions that have installed the beta 2 bits please pay attention.

1. The upgrade path to RTM will be beta 2 --> beta 2 Technical Refresh --> RTM.  I know you have probably heard me say this but I thought I would write it down ( case I forget).  NOTE: beta 2 installs MUST upgrade to beta 2 TR.  Said another way, there won't be a supportable path directly from beta 2 to RTM.

2. Beta 2 TR will be released as a patch to beta 2.  Therefore, for those 2 or 3 folks that haven't installed beta 2 because you are waiting for beta 2 TR, well guess what, you'll need to install beta 2 anyway and then apply the beta 2 TR patch.

3. Upgrading to RTM will require an uninstall of beta 2 TR, and a registry key modfication prior to installing the RTM bits.

I know, I know the devil is always in the details so expect more info when beta 2 TR is released.