SharePoint is being used effectively...each is worth a read so go check 'em out.

SharePoint is getting quite a bit of press in the recent 2008 InformationWeek 500 Analytics Report . Their annual report that tracks the technology practices of the nation's most innovative companies. Check it out and see what other folks are doing....

InformationWeek 500 Trends: Web 2.0, Globalization, Virtualization, And More

What the InformationWeek 500 data tells us about the use of emerging technologies.

"[I]mplementing new collaboration tools, such as Microsoft SharePoint, is cited more often than any other--48%--as a technology leveraged to improve productivity."

InformationWeek 500: Monsanto's Collaborative Growth Plan

By combining unified communications, IM, SharePoint, and blogs and wikis while protecting its IP, Monsanto is advancing teamwork.

"Since taking the first steps with SharePoint, Monsanto has consolidated hundreds of document databases while implementing new access and retention controls and integrating options such as "save to SharePoint" within Office. With the new company-wide portal in place, IT is beginning to roll out custom SharePoint portals for business units."

InformationWeek 500: Orion Builds Efficiency Into Eli Lilly's R&D System

Collaboration, automated data collection chores expedite delivery of new products.

"In late 2006, the R&D department came to IT for help devising a better way. Orion, which was developed in less than a year at a cost of about $10 million, encompasses a data warehouse; Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT)'s PerformancePoint business intelligence software for delivering reports, charts, and graphics; Microsoft SharePoint as a system portal; and features and functions built by Lilly's own developers."

InformationWeek 500: Accenture Looks to Youth Culture to Work More Efficiently and Ubiquitously

"At Accenture, we sought to bring the ease of widespread social communications into our Borderless Workplace initiative -- removing the communication and collaboration barriers inherent in a company with offices located across more than 150 cities in 49 countries. We knew that allowing our employees, our most important asset, to communicate and collaborate more effectively (with each other and with our clients) would improve productivity and increase client satisfaction. We also feel it's an important element of our ability to attract and retain the best talent."

InformationWeek 500: Microsoft IT is 'First And Best' Customer of Microsoft Products

"Microsoft uses SharePoint internally to layer collaboration capabilities on top of enterprise applications. For example, salespeople use an SAP-based application called PCWeb to find the best deals for their customers; IT added a shell of collaboration capabilities on PCWeb to allow salespeople to compare notes on the process, Briggs [CTO and chief architect at Microsoft] said."

2008 InformationWeek 500 Analytics Report

Revealing IT strategies from the 500 best and brightest companies in North America

"For this year's InformationWeek 500 companies, it's all about sharing information. Nearly half of these organizations use collaborative applications like SharePoint to help workers be more productive-up from 33% last year."