Silverlight Applications and RIA

One of the few technologies other than SharePoint that is really hot with customers right now is Silverlight. I've been creating some custom apps to demo to customers but I've run across FaceOut from Infragistics. You need to check this out.

Here is a blurb taken from their site:

FaceOut - Rich Internet Sales Dashboard

Infragistics' faceOut is an interactive demonstration of our NetAdvantage for Silverlight preview controls. Using our chart, gauge, and enhanced scroll panel, we've created a salesperson dashboard to illustrate how you can build a richer experience on the Web for a real, line-of-business scenario. We've taken this concept a step farther by creating an enterprise mashup using representative enterprise sales data along with Windows Live Maps and the Live Contacts schema to show how you can integrate your corporate data with services provided on the internet to bring you a business-driven mashup experience.