SP2 Date Announced

Taken from Announcing Service Pack 2 (SP2) for the 2007 Microsoft Office System

Some of the updates include:

For Office Desktop Programs:

  • Improved Outlook Calendaring Reliability

  • Improved Outlook Performance

  • Enabling Object Model support for Charts in PowerPoint and Word

  • Improved cryptographic functionality by supporting all cryptographic algorithms offered by the operating system

  • Improved functionality in Excel's charting mechanism

  • Ability to ungroup SmartArt graphics (and as a result, the ability to add animations to them in PowerPoint)

  • Ability for Visio to export UML models to an XML file compliant with the XMI standard

  • Tool that enables the uninstall of Office client Service Packs

For Servers:

  • Performance and manageability improvements to variations in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) including STSADM commands for repairing links between source and target pages

  • Improvements around processing status approvals from Office Project Web Access into Office Project Professional 2007

  • Improvements to read-only content databases and index rebuild timer jobs in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0