Why should you be interested in SharePoint 2010

I presented “Why should you be interested in SharePoint 2010” to the Association of IT Professionals this week and it went great. What a great group. Plus, they paid for my dinner so it was even better.

I delivered this same talk at several SP user groups but this time it was extremely interactive which made the whole discussion that much better.

I have changed my presentation focus from feature demos to solution demos. When I have presented SP2010 to numerous companies I consistently get feedback that customers want to see use case/solution presentations, rather than feature presentations. Matter of fact, they are tired of feature presentations. So I have begun to do the solution presentations more and more. I have noticed that there is better comprehension of the features because they are in the context of a solution. Also, the more diverse the audience these seem to provide more for everyone. The challenge is that solution presentations are more work because they usually require some moderate to heavy customization.

Specifically, I focused on:

1. Implementing an Internet Web site using SP2010, and

2. Improving Innovation with Social Communities using SP2010

A special thanks to Bob Logan for being my host.

SP2010 is becoming very viral…