UPDATE + APOLOGY! (Some) CLR Public Symbols still not on symbol server

Sorry folks.  I want to update this blog about this issue.  We just made another symbol publication attempt to the symbol server of the CLR Symbols.   We hope this one will go through.   Just to sum up:  The symbols distributed with the sdk for mscorwks, mscorlib, mscoree, and mscorjit are corrupted and will not be loaded by the debugger or profiler.    There are no symbols on the external symbol server either.

Several attempts have been made to update them, but each has failed.  I went to a meeting yesterday where a single person was assigned to drive the resolution of this  issue.  I will update this space as soon as the symbols are fixed.  I am really sorry about this inconvienence.  All I can say is that now there is a single person responsible for symbol publication and we will make sure not to make this mistake again at release.

I will update this space as soon as I get word that the symbols are live.