Microsoft Protects 3.5 Petabytes of Data with System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

Microsoft is a Global 100 company with offices and data centers around the world. To better protect its global data assets, reduce backup costs, and accommodate growing data volumes, Microsoft uses its own backup software, Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010, to back up 3.5 petabytes of data monthly. Microsoft has been able to enhance data protection by eliminating backup tapes and moving to disk-based backup, and can now deliver daily backup success service levels of 98 percent and success rates for data restores of 100 percent. In addition, the company is saving more than U.S.$6 million in backup-related costs and has reduced its backup incidents and staff by approximately 60 percent. Microsoft now has a more flexible data protection infrastructure that can scale with the company’s business and massive data volumes.


DPM 2010 case study on MS IT has been published and can be found here.

The case study brings out the impact and ROI that DPM brings to MSIT and the sheer scale of data that it successfully protects with 100% recovery success.