Windows Server 2012 Beta - Configure a test environment

Learn how to configure and demonstrate Windows Server “8” Beta features, technologies, and scenarios in a standardized and simplified test lab environment.

The Windows Server “8” Beta Test Lab Guides (TLGs) are a set of documents that describe how to configure and demonstrate the new features and functionality in Windows Server “8” Beta in a simplified and standardized test lab environment.

The test lab starts with the Windows Server “8” Beta Base Configuration test lab, which can consist of two subnets representing a simplified intranet and simulated Internet. The following figure shows the initial setup of the Windows Server “8” Beta test lab based on the Test Lab Guide: Windows Server “8” Beta Base Configuration .

The TLGs for Windows Server “8” Beta are the following:

For more information about the TLG initiative and a list of all the TLGs, see Test Lab Guides in the TechNet Wiki.
For the latest information about TLGs for Windows Server “8” Beta, see the Test Lab Guides blog .